Tourism For Conservation – Conservation for Tourism

Picking Asian Adventures as your travel partner is an opportunity to join the league of crusaders for conservation.

Since our inception in 1994, we have believed that this is the best way to have a sustainable model and an enjoyable experience for our guests. That’s why our motto is Tourism for Conservation and Conservation for Tourism.

Our on-ground team and in-depth knowledge of biodiversity across the Indian subcontinent can add a lot of value to your experience. Joining hands with you will help us speed up our pace towards our vision of 2025- to be the Indian tourism initiative that’s the most successful in bringing stakeholders of conservation together!

At Asian Adventures, we encourage people across the world to come to India and explore this Incredible Land.

We have been in the ecotourism industry for 25+ years. It wasn’t easy to keep pace with the fast-developing world which is synonymous with deforestation, littering, pollution etc. But through our grit and determination we have maintained high standards of Eco-tourism all through these years. We rather take pride in where we stand today, under the able guidance of our founder Mr. Mohit Aggarwal who comes from the Kumaon Hills and is an avid nature lover. Thinks twice before disposing off even his used pen!

The entity that we know as ASIAN ADVENTURES has taken numerous conservation measures across the nation and now we desire to put more efforts to upscale it. Tourists who have traveled with us remember us not only for extending an incredible experience but also maintaining the highest quality standards and transparency each time.

We are engaged with the Travelife certification program and we have started the process to work step by step towards complying with its international sustainability standards”.”Travelife is a three-stage certification program for tour operators and travel agents: (1) Travelife Engaged; (2) Travelife Partner and (3) Travelife Certified. We are at stage 1 – Travelife Engaged. We are working to move forward to stage 2 – Travelife Partner.

But then how did it all begin and how are we taking it forward? Spare a few moments to read, while we share a brief


It all began with providing lodging accommodation to tourists which are not the only environment-friendly but also constructed without deforestation. Thus, each of our stays is amid thick jungles and are done with stones and minimum possible wood. No concrete, no plastic, no harm to environs.


We are very strict about no-littering, no plastic. So each and every tourist who travels with us has to carry biodegradable or cloth bags to deposit waste they create (say during a birding tour) and later dispose of at the garbage bins. Moreover, plastic is banned at all our stays. You will be provided bio-degradable cups/bags/plates if need be.

Asian Adventures also supports Chintan, the experts of toxic waste who are currently working with our help on micro solutions of garbage disposal in the Himalayan village, Pangot.near Nainital, Uttarakhand. This initiative is called the Zero Waste Pangot Drive.

Asian Adventures also funded the training programmes of the Bagh Foundation in Nandaur Tiger Reserve, the study conducting by NSI on the impact of garbage on the wildlife of Pangot.


Since conservation is a key philosophy at Asian Adventures, it has supported the electronic fencing at Kaziranga, sponsored the Oriental Bird Club with a vision to promote traveler interest in birds and their protection and initiated some measures for wildlife protection at Corbett Tiger Reserve.


What will the youth from the jungle regions do, if there is no bread-earning opportunity? Obviously, he will resort to means like selling off his land for construction of a resort. Or may employ himself in the development sector which indirectly means felling of trees for more and more construction in some way or the other. We ate Asian Adventures are closely working with denizens in selected Himalayan regions in order to turn them into self-reliant individuals and groups.


For instance, we have provided training in Pangot to youth to be Bird Guides. On the other hand, we help them set up village-dhabas like the ATT USA RESTAURANT at Heritage Village in Jim Corbett (also called Chhoti Haldwani). In short, we train them towards means of livelihood where they do not turn to nature for its destruction to make money. Asian Adventures, thus has bigger and better plans for not only providing best experiences of various hues and shades to the tourists that avail its services but also make them partners in the drive to protect the Blue Planet, Earth.


We are also working desperately with residents of the Himalayan region to transform their houses into home-stays. Imagine if this happens, like it is happening in Ladakh, how many trees we can save through existing accommodation?! New resorts mean doing away with more trees, while homestays mean retaining the green cover! And in this way, we not only help the locals become self-reliant but also take responsibility for keeping the charm of the region preserved and contribute their part in conservation.


Taking people close to nature, close to the local wild inhabitants of the region, taking them close to the love of nature, helping them soak in the Aura of un-touched environs – this is our USP. Why do we do it? because until you feel the love of nature, you won’t give the same love back to nature. Only when you feel enchanted by the Aura of the greens and the wild animals, then you will join our efforts towards Nature Conservation. It is as simple as telling you not to throw stones at monkeys in the city, who jump at you for food. Why? Because to give space to your home, their homes (trees were done away with). This is the reason that all our tours promote nature conservation – they help you empathize with the natural habitats and inhabitants of the region and thus save them.


We are engaged with the Travelife certification program and we have started the process to work step by step towards complying with its international sustainability standards.

Travelife is a three-stage certification program for tour operators and travel agents:
(1) Travelife Engaged
(2) Travelife Partner and
(3) Travelife Certified

We are at stage 1 – Travelife Engaged. We are working to move forward to Stage 2 – Travelife Partner.


Any individual or organization which desires to extend a supportive hand in this direction is warmly and duly invited. In fact, join us the more the better. After all our next generations deserve clean air, lush green forests, the song of the birds, and gushing waterfalls. And if we don’t join hands today, perhaps it will be too late. So come one, come all!