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Birds of Assam and Mishmi Hills

The Mishmi Hills area of northeastern Arunachal Pradesh has become popular in recent years as travel restrictions in the state have eased. The area covers a large altitudinal range

Rajasthan and Gujarat Bird And Wildlife Tour

When you mention wildlife and birdwatching, the first destinations that come to mind are either thick and verdant forests, mountain passes, or wetlands. Much of Western India may seem

Rajasthan and Gujarat Bird & Wildlife Tour

When you mention wildlife and birdwatching, the first destinations that come to mind are either thick and verdant forests, mountain passes, or wetlands. Much of Western India may seem

The Great Off-beat Kumaon Himalayas

Our tour begins at the picturesque hamlet of Pangot. Located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Pangot is a birder’s paradise. There are over 240 species of resident and

Monsoons in Meghalaya

Nestled in the picturesque hills of the eastern flanks of the Himalayan mountain range, Guwahati is more famous for Kamakhya temple and Guwahati Zoo which is India’s largest

Forts and Palaces of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the culturally rich and fascinating desert state of India. The royal historical heritage in the form of palaces, forts, havelis, caves, temples, mosques, tombs and monuments set

The Land of Buddha

Fringed around the vast landscape of India and Nepal, The eight nights and nine days tour is aimed at unfolding Gautam Buddha’s illuminating life of self-realization. The trip will

Temples and Spiritualism

Himalaya has always been the abode of the Gods.
The Vedas and Upanishads tell us fascinating stories about gods and demons that dwelt here. Ancient literature refers to this

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    Enchanting Ladakh Tour

    The Himalayan Lakes and the High Passes of Ladakh
    Ladakh is a cold desert in the trans-Himalayan region. The landscape is magical, unbelievably breath-taking.
    It is known for blue waters,

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    Enthralling Uttarakhand (06 Days; # 427)

    The five nights and six days tour aims at showcasing the beautiful landscape and unique wildlife breathing inside the dense thickets of Uttarakhand. Your tour will kickstart at Kathgodam Railway

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    Explore Uttarakhand (06 Days; # 430)

    The five nights and six days tour will take you to the unspoit destinations of Uttarakhand. Your tour will commence at Corbett National Park followed by two nights in Chopta

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    Himalayan Escapade

    The six nights and seven days tour aims at showcasing the unspoit destinations of Uttarakhand which are enveloped by snow-clad mountains, hidden creeks, verdant hills, and ancient temples of Himalayas.

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    Jhalana Leopard Safari

    Situated right in the heart of Pink City Jaipur, Jhalana is slowly is becoming a favorite destination to spot leopards in the wild. Situated near the Jaipur Airport and home

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    Just Tigers ! Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park Tour

    On this tour we travel through the heartland of Wild India, through the state of Madhya Pradesh. This tour is ideal for those who want to spend their time being

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    Kaas Plateau of Flowers Tour

    The two nights and three days tour aims at showcasing the iconic beauty of Kass Plateau. Situated in Maharashtra, the place bears over 850 different species of flowers during and

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    Meghalaya Tour

    “Meghalaya”. The name of this Northeast Indian state translates to “Land of the Clouds”.
    With scenic hills and lush green valleys, this gem in the northeast of India is definitely

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    Monsoon Magic AMBOLI – Macro Photography Tour

    The Western Ghats, or Sahyadris, is a mountain range that runs along the western coast of India. Along with being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also one of

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    Shiva walks in jageshwar

    Shiva walks in jageshwar
    Unlock the ancient stories, and uncover the legends of Lord Shiva with Shiva Walks at Asian Adventures.

    The temples of our

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    Shiva Walks Kedarnath and Tungnath

    What is the concept of Shiva Walks?

           In short, a powerful way to dissolve the obstacles of your life. 

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    Temple Tour Of South India

    South India is a region rich in culture and history, with a rich colonial past. The region is famous for its cultural festivals and events, classical music and dance, and

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    The Magic of Valley of Flowers Uttarakhand

    In 1931, Frank S. Smythe, who was part of a team of six British mountaineers that climbed Kamet, came across a valley beyond Bhyundar Pass that had “Lush meadows, embowered

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    Vibrant Garhwal

    The five nights and six days tour will uncover the popular hill stations of Uttarakhand. The tour will commence at Rishikesh followed by one night stay in Mussoorie and two-night