Iberian lynx land

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08 Days


The gently rolling Sierra de Andujar National Park, in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia, is part of the vast Sierra Morena mountain range. It is a densely wooded area and boasts one of Andalusia's best-preserved expanses of Mediterranean forest and scrubland. Flowing through the
rocky hills is the Yeguas River, with many lovely spots to sit and meditate along its banks. The Sierra is one of two of Spain's last refuges for the elusive and highly endangered Iberian Lynx, whose population is estimated at around 80-100 adult individuals. It is under threat from forest fires,
the scarcity of rabbits that provide its main source of food and urban development. The increasingly rare wolf also inhabits the Sierra, one of the few places it is still found in Andalusia. Birdwatchers also have many iconic species look forward to, especially the Spanish Imperial and Golden Eagles that nest on the most inaccessible rocky peaks, as well as Egyptian, Griffon and Cinereous Vultures, Red-billed Chough, buzzards, and owls.

Full board and lodging Specialized guide
Free Transfer One day private state entry fee Andújar N.P.
Doñana 4×4 excursion Insurance C.R.


Day 01: Airport to Natural Park Sierra De Andújar
Day 02: Iberian Lynx, Natural Park Sierra De Andújar
Day 03: Iberian Lynx, Natural Park Sierra De Andújar
Day 04: Iberian Lynx, Natural Park Sierra De Andújar
Day 05: Steppe area. Doñana Natural Park
Day 06 & 07: Doñana National Park
Day 08: Doñana – Airport


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