Travel Tips, India

Welcome to our travel tips page. Here you’ll find loads of useful information that will help in preparing yourself before kick starting your journey.

1) While boarding the train, we recommend that you keep all your carry bags in front rather than on your back.

2) Indian trains are slightly raised above the platform, so be careful as you climb onto the landing.

3) Prefer keeping your valuables such as wallets, purses, jewelry, somewhere safe and accessible. 

4) Have a quick run to the washroom before boarding the train as clean toilets cannot always be guaranteed.

To make your trip hassle-free, here’s a list of items we recommend you to carry. Kindly go through our list 

1) Passport- Is your passport up to date, please check its validity and get it renewed if required.

2) Entry visa (or required paperwork)- Kindly check the visa documents for any pending paperwork.

3) Trip itinerary- Have you received the trip itinerary? Kindly go through the itinerary as it would help in preparing for the trip.

4) International health card with immunizations.

5) Passport pouch- Carry a passport pouch that can be concealed under your clothes to keep your money and necessary documents safe.

6) Electrolytes- India is a hot and humid country. Having electrolytes at hand will keep you hydrated and prevent you from dysentery and dehydration.

There are several items that come handy while traveling with seniors or children. Here are some suggestions for things to put on your packing list.

1) Medications in the original pill bottle (with the prescription label). Do not forget insect repellents and hand sanitizers.

2) Important documents, including medication list, doctor’s name, and contact number, allergy list, identification, and copies of those documents in case of loss.

3) Money belts will help them travel comfortably during outings.

4) Extra set of glasses in case of breakage or loss.

5) A spare of hearing aid battery

6) Extra pair of comfortable shoes are recommended

7) Rain Gear and Sun Protection. Depending on the destination you’ll be traveling to, you might be needing a hat, sunscreen, a sweater or light jacket. For monsoons, don’t forget to pack rain gear. A small umbrella or poncho is sufficient.

8) Entertainment- Books, Kindle, tablet, games, crossword or music to keep them occupied and entertained.

9) A camera to record all the memories you will make.

1) Remember to carry all your essential medicines and a couple of general ones, like Paracetamol and Aspirin for treating minor ailments.

2) In case you have diabetes, keep your insulin injections with you along with your glucose meter.

While on a trip abroad, tipping could be quite confusing. In India, visitors are not expected to tip taxi drivers. However, hotel, airport and train station porters should be tipped approximately Rs 50/bag.

If a service charge is not included, tip guides Rs 2000 and drivers approximately Rs 350 per day or 10 percent where appropriate. In restaurants, if the service was good, you can tip anything between approx. 5- 10% of the bill depending on the category of the hotel, and the bill amount.

While you have already booked the tickets and prepared all travel documents for your upcoming trip, the weather is a factor that is most likely to affect your trip. Hence, it cannot be neglected. Do remember to check the weather forecast which would guide your packing strategy and result in a comfortable and well-prepared journey.

In case you need any inquiry regarding the weather of the location of your upcoming trip, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help.

1) Always keep your seatbelts fastened as roads might be bumpy. Also, do not stick your hand or head outside the vehicle as people can sometimes come from the wrong side.

2) Ask your driver to ensure there are toilet stops en route for longer journeys.

3) Carry snacks and drinking water with yourself. They might prove to be a boon in case you get stuck in a traffic jam.

  • Planning onboarding a domestic flight while in India? We recommend that you should make bookings well in advance to get the best deals. Please do keep in mind the baggage allowances and airline amenities before making the booking. We will be more than happy to assist you in making the bookings as per the itinerary.
  • Ensure you have a reliable GPS and location maps in the car. Sometimes, you can’t rely totally on GPS and the local location maps come in handy.
  • Pack enough water and snacks in the car as some stretches are long and do not have stops.
  • Try to reach your destination before dark as most stretches are either through forests or farms where street lights are minimal in the countryside.
  • Plan some games, pack short story books or sing along rhymes if you travel with kids.
  • Umbrellas will be great in case there are drizzles of rain.
  • Always ensure your tank is full and refill before it reaches the quarter tank as it is not easy to find another petrol station nearby. You never know if you have gotten on the wrong track/trail or got lost.
  • Buy insurance coverage for the driver and passengers

Planning on capturing your adventure on film? Keep the following things in mind to avoid any last-minute disappointments.

  • Don’t forget to pack your camera. We see that happening all the time.
  •  Keep a spare for your battery and memory card.
  • Buy a universal power adaptor because sockets in India are differently shaped than the ones in the U.S. or U.K.
  • Keep your camera in a protective bag or casing when not in use.
  • Carry a camera with a wide-angle lens to capture stunning shots of the landscape and a long lens for birds & mammals you’ll come across.

There are wide varieties of incredibly delicious cuisines such as amazing curried vegetables, flatbreads, rice lentils, and chutneys. For Nonvegetarians, fish, chicken, and mutton, is readily available. For dessert, Indian sweets are always recommended and may vary from town to town but are usually made of milk, sugar, and wheat. However, we would like you to follow certain guidelines to ensure you remain healthy.

1) Do not eat raw food such as salads or juices. They might have been washed with contaminated water and will make you sick.

2) As tempting as it might look, try your best to avoid street food as it may be unhygienic and may give you the notorious ‘Delhi belly’.

3) Always carry Probiotics and Charcoal tablets. While probiotics will improve your digestion charcoal tablets will prevent you from water-borne diseases.

4) If there’s something that you want to try, ask your guides, so that it can be procured from a safe place.

5) While spicy food is an Indian signature, we recommend exercising caution. Spices, especially chilies act as a laxative, which is something you probably don’t want.

There are amazing varieties of dazzling handicrafts, textiles, jewelry, furnishings, art, spices and much more, on display in the bazaars, busy markets, state emporiums and streets of India. The country produces both traditional and modern goods which are great souvenirs and can be used for gifting as well. It is recommended to bargain to half the cost as small vendors tend to hike up the prices 100%.

There is nothing more annoying on a trip than a guide who doesn’t know his job. That is why we have created a roster of handpicked local guides. Since the guides belong to the location you will be visiting, they are knowledgeable and trustworthy.