Asian Adventures

Tourism for conservation. Conservation for tourism.

Asian Adventures is a 25 old Eco-tour company in India

Since 1994, Asian Adventures has emerged as an iconic name which promotes conservation of environment and responsible tourism through the expeditions and trips it offers across Indian subcontinent. 

We have been the pioneer in wildlife tourism specializing in nature, adventure and responsible tourism Tourism for Conservation. Conservation for Tourism.

Mohit Aggarwal, CEO : I not only believe in the power of this approach but have seen it deliver results. My love and admiration for Nature grew and got an official stamp when I joined TRAFFIC-India which was then a part of IUCN and was housed in the Indian headquarters of WWF-India. My colleagues Mr. Ashok Kumar and Mr. Vivek Menon helped me learn a lot and made me unravel several lesser-touched dimensions. Ashok has been my guru and Vivek is a true pal. 

The year 1994 was highly eventful and brought a turning point in my life. I started Asian Adventures, a concept to bring school children closer to nature. In due course of time, the concept became wider and better in scope and reached and established camps and lodges in some of the most pristine and lesser-touched locations of the country. Jungle Lore Birding Lodge at Pangot near Nainital is the first birding lodge in India and one out of many establishments managed and manned by us. Each place has its uniqueness and saga to narrate.

Recently, after completion of GSTC training and being inducted as a board member of Asian Ecotourism Network, I see a huge possibility of bringing ‘green ecotourism’ concepts and methods to the country. 

About Asian Adventures has become a specialist in helping the travelers to sight some selected rare species and has extended its reach worldwide. The people who have traveled with us 

remember us not only for extending an incredible experience but also maintaining highest quality standards and transparency each time. 

We have completed 25 years of existence, and now I seek to direct my energies towards conservation. The entity has taken numerous conservation measures across the nation and now we desire to put more efforts to upscale it. I also wish to work with residents of the Himalayan region who wish to transform their houses into homestays. I want to help them so that they become self-reliant but also take responsibility for keeping the charm of the region preserved and contribute their part in conservation. Any individual or organization which wishes to extend a helping hand in this direction is warmly and duly invited.

An initiative which was taken in the year 1994 in order to bring young children closer to the Nature through expeditions turned into a colossal drive that played an instrumental role in changing dynamics of travel and tourism sector. Asian Adventures began its innings in a modest manner but with experience, exposure and undeterred dedication, emerged as an established, sincere and serious player. Asian Adventures has cutting edge as it is considered as wildlife specialist due to the veterans associated but has spread its wings in several realms of travelling. During the glorious and eventful journey, the organization achieved some significant milestones related to luxury tours and MICE. The Sheikhs of Abu Dhabi travelled with Asian Adventures. The team provided a charter helicopter along with bouquet of services to Royalty of England who stayed for a month in India and visited many parks and left highly delighted. Moreover, the company provided charter planes to some selected dignitaries and luminaries in the past. If we talk of Incentives, the team booked Palace on Wheels for team of Abbott Diagnostics, a leading Pharmaceutical Company of Germany, for three consecutive years. Many conferences and meetings for corporates and NGOs have been organised by us. The objective is to lower the carbon footprint at all possible levels. The entity since beginning has kept quality and transparency in epicenter for travelers and tourists associated and conservation and responsible tourism as contributions towards society overall. 

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In each of our area of expertise, the lived experience of our customers, away from the everyday turns out be very meaningful. Enjoyment is paramount. But it also leads to happy customers discovering strengths they were unaware of possessing.

Asian Adventures’ redefines travel and takes you to stunning landscapes, spectacular wildlife, different and exotic cultures, spiritual journeys and offbeat getaways.

Effective Teamwork – We let you experience Nature’s heartbeat safely Our travel solutions offered carry transparency, uniqueness and an incredible experience in the end. The growing age of the establishment has only brought three elements in abundance namely promising ideas to add new dimensions to travelling, passion to serve each client in the best possible manner. Maintaining highest standards of quality and commitment.

Value for money Asian Adventures began with conservation as one of the philosophies since its inception. The organization has now decided to lay stronger emphasis on conservation through spreading awareness amongst travelers’ and will adopt other concrete steps towards the quintessential drive.

Conservation When mentioned the term conservation, the organization and the team behind it is ever sincere towards it and initiatives taken in that direction are umpteen and the drive is on. Some of the notable initiatives undertaken are rendering support for the electronic fencing at Kaziranga, Awareness hoarding in Corbett National Park, sponsored Oriental Bird Club with a vision to promote interest of travellers in birds and protect them, joined hands with Titli Trust to protect butterflies and moths and initiated some sincere measures for wildlife protection at Corbett Tiger Reserve. The company funded the training programmes of the Bagh Foundation in Nandaur Tiger Reserve, the study conducting by NSI on the impact of garbage on the wildlife of Pangot. Chintan, the experts of toxic waste are currently working with our help on micro solutions of garbage disposal in the Himalayan village, Pangot. Considering that Elephants are the real gardeners of the jungles, Asian Adventures has taken up showcasing the cause of Elephant corridors and saving them. Moreover, the organization is working with a community in the Himalayan region in order to turn them into self-reliant individuals & groups and highly responsible towards keeping the environment protected and the picturesque beauty intact. It has bigger and better plans for not only providing best experiences of various hues and shades to people but also make them partners in the drive to protect the Blue Planet, Earth.