Yoga Retreat Tour

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14 Days


Spiritual awakening and wellness are what everyone needs, whether they know it or not, and yoga has long since been known to be among the many tools one can employ to gain these goals. While some use yoga to find peace with themselves, or at least the path towards it, others have found a way to destress and detoxify, while still others have found a combination of all these. Join us on this tour to visit some of the holiest places in India and use the various yogic practices to tap into the mystical energy they possess.






Day 01: Delhi to Rishikesh
Day 02: Rishikesh
Day 03: Rishikesh
Day 04: Rishikesh
Day 05: Rishikesh
Day 06: Rishikesh
Day 07: Rishikesh
Day 08: Rishikeshto Agra by Train
Day 09: Agra to Khajuraho by Train
Day 10: Khajuraho
Day 11: Khajuraho to Varanasi by Flight
Day 12: Varanasi
Day 13: Varanasi
Day 14: Varanasi to Delhi by Flight and Departure.

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1 review for Yoga Retreat Tour

  1. Nurit Kurk, Israel.

    Yoga to take care of your energy aspect is like a fairy tale, but seeing it happen in front of you is like a dream. I was amazed by the way the programme was delivered and felt completely rejuvenated.

    Nurit Kurk, Israel.

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